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ORFAST Media Asset Manager key features

Direct upload from browser
Upload your video materials using any web-browsers. ORFAST Media Manager allows you to fill your media archive from anywhere in the world. Now you don’t have to spend time for unnecessary things or wait when you reach your office and workstation, just open a browser on your phone or laptop and upload any video to your media archive.
Browse, stream and share assets
ORFAST Media Manager provides wonderful ability to browse all your video materials from archive as fast as you can imagine. Also, you can embed your assets to different web-platforms on the Internet, or send asset link by email. Moreover, you can stream your video assets in various qualities with ORFAST Media Manager streaming service.
Modern and fast Web UI
ORFAST Media Asset Management software provides fast and lightweight user interface, fast and light web video player that allows you to work with all video materials you have in one click. Moreover, it supports frame by frame accurate mode, and real-time update for task status, and visual status for all your transcoding tasks.
Fully scalable solution (stream/transcode)
You can have as much power as you want, moreover ORFAST Media Asset Management software provides geo-redundant replication between different datacenters to get the best SLA for your media asset manager solution. No more worries about adding more resources to your datacenter, just add all necessary resources in one click.
Powerful full-text search for metadata
Full-text search engine gives you an extra tool for fast searching by different attributes, as well as apply filters to make searching more effective.
Daily virtual machine full backup
By virtue of the ORFAST Media Manager daily backups you do not have to worry about any situation when you can loose everything in your media asset management system. You always keep all data backed up, and it’s ready for quickly recovering in one click
Pay only for the resources which you actually use
Stop paying for the resources which you do not use. Due to the perfect software solution of ORFAST Media Manager you need pay only for the resources which you actually use. No more pour money down the drain.
500TB storage
The high performance and scalability of ORFAST Media Manager makes it ideal for streaming video. Premium Storage delivers high-performance, low-latency disk support for I/O intensive workloads. Storage is available in 19 regions across 4 continents. Put your files in that storage location, which your bussiness needs are close to. Scale up or across data centers as needed and keep data geographically closer to you for faster access and better performance.