ORFAST Technologies it is a team of a most skilled people in a broadcast world. We are the first who has developed a cloud-based media asset management solution which does not require to keep your own expensive and hard supporting hardware and software infrastructure. ORFAST Technologies company has developed modern and lightweight cloud media asset management solution which will help you create and manage your own media archive easily and without huge investments. We provide new vision of media asset management platform which has been already recognized as the best platform from all assets management solutions.
Contact us by email or phone to get information about purchase price or get information about migration and integration your existing MAM solution to ORFAST Media Manager or any necessary information about our product.

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Address: K. Kärberi tn 16-33 Tallinn Harjumaa 13812, Republic of Estonia
Phone: +3727123600
E-mail: info@orfast.com
WebSite: http://orfast.com